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Multi-Speaker Transcription

Net Transcripts specializes in the verbatim transcription of multi-speaker recordings involving two or more persons. The recordings we transcribe include interviews, interrogations, witness statements, phone conversations, administrative hearings and more. These recordings are often confidential or sensitive in nature and need to be returned reliably and accurately.

Fast, Reliable Turnaround Options

To meet the various demands of our customers' busy schedules, Net Transcripts offers three cost-effective turnaround options on all multi-speaker recordings:

  • Three Business Days
  • Next Business Day
  • ASAP (3-6 hours)

98.8% Accuracy Guarantee

Net Transcripts guarantees 98.8% error-free transcripts, which meets or exceeds some of the most rigorous standards in the country. Our highly skilled transcribers are experienced in the language, nuances and procedures necessary to accurately transcribe recordings originating from law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. Furthermore, Net Transcripts' Quality Control Department reviews every transcript to ensure adherence to quality specifications before the final copy is delivered to the customer.

Secure & Confidential

Net Transcripts has developed a secure, Web-based application that facilitates the encrypted transfer of recorded media and transcribed documents between Net Transcripts and our customers. It also gives customers the ability to search through past and pending order requests and offers a centralized solutions to managing the transcription process.

The electronic transfer of files are authenticated and encrypted via 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communications protocol technology. Our Web-based Order Center was designed specifically around tracking the Chain of Custody of all data at any given point during the transcription process and to control access to various users based on assigned permissions.

All transcripts are processed domestically in the United States. All of Net Transcripts' employees and transcribers are subject to national-level criminal background checks and sign comprehensive confidentiality and conflict of interest agreements drafted specifically to safeguard the sensitive nature of the material we transcribe.

Easy to Use

At Net Transcripts, we strive to provide a secure, user-friendly service and to reliably and accurately process large volumes of transcription at significantly less cost. Our Customer Service Team is readily available to train new users and assist customers with questions and special requests. The implementation of our service is non-disruptive to current procedures and is available on an as-needed basis; making it scalable to accommodate both large and small transcription demands.